Dr. Suyanto

Dr. Suyanto

BORN in Jombang, Suyanto teaches are Machine Intelligence, Evolutionary Computation, and Soft Computing. He studied informatics engineering at STT Telkom during 1993 and 1998. His master degree was taken from Chalmers University of Technology in the field of Complex Adaptive Systems (2006). And for the doctoral degree he studies computer science at Gadjah Mada University during 2012 and 2016. In Telkom University, Suyanto served as Vice Dean I for Academic Affair, School of Computing.


  • TImproving the Quality of International Publication (PKPI) / Sandwich-like – Ministry of Research & Technology (2015)(NICTA)


Pengembangan Indoor Positioning untuk SIstem MOnitoring JAtuh pada LANsia (SIMOJALA) Presisi Tinggi (Development of Indoor Positioning for SIstem MOnitoring JAtuh on LANsia (SIMOJALA) High Precision) (2017)
Study Information Retrieval To Build Indications Plagiarism Detection Systems (2013)


  • Book of “Algoritma Optimasi Deterministik atau Probabilistik” – 086339 – Copy Right (2017)
  • Book of “Artificial Intelligence” – 086340 – Copy Right (2017)
  • Book of “Evolutionary Computation” – 086341 – Copy Right (2017)
  • Book of “Soft Computing” – 086321 – Copy Right (2017