Dr. Maman Abdurohman

Dr. Maman Abdurohman

MAMAN Abdurohman, was born in Majalengka, is interested in Computer System, Computer Network, and Embedded System. His undergraduate degree of Informatics engineering acquired from Telkom University (a.k.a. STT Telkom) in 1998. While his master and doctoral degree from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), especially from the School of Electrical engineering and Informatics (STEI) with Special Field of Information Technology (2003) and Electrical and Informatics Engineering (2010). Maman ever held some positions in the Tel-U, among others, as the Library Manager (2011), the Head of Telematics Interested Group (since 2011), Manager of Institutional and Language Developments (2012) and the Head of the Laboratory of Unified Communication (since 2013). Besides, now he serves as the Dean for School of Computing, Tel-U. For supporting the teaching materials, Maman wrote the book entitled Pemrograman Bahasa Assembly (2010), Pemodelan Hardware Embedded System – Register Transfer Level (RTL) – Transation Level Modeling (TLM) (2011), Perancangan Embedded System berbasis FPGA (2013), Metodologi Perancangan System On Chip (SoC) dengan Perancangan Berorientasi Objek (2015), Organisasi dan Aristektur Komputer 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions (2008, 2014, 2015, 2017), Platform horisontal komunikasi M2M (2017), Metodologi Perancangan Hibrid Perangkat Keras/Piranti Lunak (2017) dan Sistem Penomoran Telekomunikasi Pada Next Generation Network Infrastructure (NGNI) (2018). In addition, he is active in a variety of research, writing and reviewing scientific.


Usulan Sistem Pelabelan Web Perguruan Tinggi di Indonesia (Recommendation of University Web Labeling System in Indonesia) (2017)
Proposed Interaction Design Patterns Drawing Tools Drawing on Application for Early Childhood Education in Indonesia (2016)
Adoption Requirements Engineering Technique in Optimizing the User Acceptance Test FITNESS based Framework to Improve Precision Software Requirements (2015)
Application of Graph DB Database Schema Library Indexing in Tel-U


  • Application ”Sistem Informasi Manajemen Daerah Kabupaten/ Kota” – 000104666 – Copy Right (2018)
  • Application ”Sistem Informasi Bantuan Sosial dan Pendidikan Kabupaten/Kota” – 000104665 – Copy Right (2018)
  • Application ”Sistem Pengendalian Administrasi Kabupaten/Kota” – 000104667 – Copy Right (2018)
  • Android Mobile Application “SPOTSQUARE” – 087325 – Copy Right (2017)
  • AWebsite Application “SPOTSQUARE” (www. spotsquare. net) – 087333 – Copy Right (2017)
  • Book of “System On Chip (SoC)” – 086322 – Copy Right (2017)
  • Book of “Organisasi dan Arsitektur Komputer” – 087334 – Copy Right (2017)
  • Book of “Platform Horisontal Komunikasi Machine to Machine (M2M)” – 088489 – Copy Right (2017)
  • Book of “Pemodelan Hardware Embedded System” – 088348 – Copy Right (2017)