Ari Moesriami Barmawi, Ph.D.

Ari Moesriami Barmawi, Ph.D.

ARI Moesriami Barmawi was born in Chicago. She teaches Cryptography, Information Hiding, Introduction to Computer Science, Research Methodology, Application of Science and Technology Concepts, Advanced Cryptography and cryptanalysis. Ari was graduated from the electrical engineering of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB, 1985). She received M.Sc and Ph.D from Department of Computer Science, Keio University, Japan in 1997 and 2001 respectively. During the past five years, Ari has conducted several scientific studies, as well as the publication of scientific works published in Journal of ICT Research and Application, Journal of Cyber Security and Mobility, International Journal on Electrical Engineering and Informatics and International Conferences supported by IEEE, ACM and Springer Verlag. In 2014, Ari wrote a patent, entitled Method for embedding and extracting electronic data into and from the Quick Response Code by modifying codeword under registration number P0020146257.


Noiseless Image Steganography (2017-2018)
Overcoming the Weakness of Identity Based Authentication Schemes on Smart Cards) (2016-2018)
Embedding and Extracting Fingerprint Feature into and from QR Code (2013-2015)
Securing Multimedia Content (2014-2015) Study of Information Retrieval to Build Indications
Plagiarism Detection System (2013)


  • Aplikasi NulisJowo (Sistem Transliterasi Aksara Jawa Berdasarkan Pelafalan Bahasa Indonesia) Ver.1.0
  • Aplikasi Generating SMS OTP (Sistem Generating OTP Menggunakan Kalimat) Ver.1.0