Satria Mandala, Ph.D.

Satria Mandala, Ph.D.

BORN in Tulungagung, Satria Mandala has research interest covering Wired and Wireless Network Security, Wireless Sensor Network, Clouds and Grid Computing, Multimedia networks, and Image retrieval and Medical Informatics. Satria studied Electronics/Control System in University of Brawijaya (1997). Furthermore, during 2004-2011, he completed his graduate and postgraduate programs on Communication & Networking from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). Before teaching at Tel-U, Satria has teaches at Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM), State Islamic University (UIN) of Malang, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) from 2006 to July 2016. Since January 2016, he began lecturing for undergraduate and graduate programs in Tel-U. Satria, wrote a book entitled Pemrograman Web (2006), has a lot of experience in the field of research, writing scientific papers, and as a reviewer of scientific journals and conferences both at home and abroad. For further information about Satria, please contact to email:


  • Gold Medal Third Telemedicine Innovation Challenge 2017 – Monash University Malaysia (2017)
  • Merit Awards APICTA 2017 – Dhaka, Bangladesh (2017)
  • Second Place in Second Telemedicine Innovation Challenge 2016 – Monash University Malaysia (2016)(2017)
  • Merit Awards APICTA 2016 – Taipe, Taiwan (2016)


Prototipe Deteksi Atrial Fibrillation Berbasis Photoplethysmograph untuk Pencegahan Dini Stroke (Prototype of Atrial Fibrillation Detection Based on Photoplethysmograph For Early Prevention of Stroke) (2018-2019))
Prototipe Monitoring Algoritmia (Uji Klinik Fase 1) (2018-2019))
Patchable Device Deteksi Dini Angin Duduk untuk Penanganan Awal Serangan Jantung Mematikan (Patchable Device for Early Seal Wind Detection for Early Handling of Deadly Heart Attack) (2017-2018))
Pemantau Palpitasi Ringan pada Pasien Pasca Operasi Jantung (Light Palpitations Monitor in Post Patient Heart Surgery) (2017-2018))
Development of Accurate Indoor Fall Monitoring System for Elderly (2017-2018))
Development of Accurate Fall Monitoring System for Elderly (2016- 2017))
Secure Single SAM Multiple Cards for Smart Campus (2016))
New Authentication Model of Smart Card Reader for Secure Transaction in Smart Campus (2016))
Reliable Data Transmission of Denoised Wavelet Cardio Data Over Wireless Mesh Network (2016 – 2018))
Eco hydro expert system of lake management using wireless sensor of real time monitoring (2015 – 2016))
Cloud Based Environment for Interactive English Teaching and Learning (2014 – 2016))
Fundamental Study of Enhancing the Accuracy of Signal Analysis in Electrocardiogram (ECG) (2014 – 2016))
Real-time Monitoring Ventricular Arrhythmias Based-on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm in Android Smartphone (2014 – 2015))


  • Reservation System With SSL (SORRS) (UTM.J.14.01/27.13/1JLD78(85))- Copy Right (2014)
  • E-Ordering System for Restaurant (EOS) (UTM.J.14.01/27.13/1JLD80(18))- Copy Right (2014)


  • A variant of Merkle Signature Scheme to Protect AODV Routing Protocol – Springer (2014)
  • Performance Comparison of Popular Routing Algorithms in Pocket Switched Networks – IOSPress (2014)
  • Quantifying the Severity of Black hole Attack in Wireless Mobile Adhoc Networks – Springer (2014)