Dr. Bayu Erfianto

Dr. Bayu Erfianto

BAYU Erfianto is a lecturer and researcher at Telkom University. He was born in Purwakarta. After completing his undergraduate degree at Padjadjaran University, he studied at Universiteit Twente, Petronas University, and Bandung Insitute of Technology. He currently teaches Embedded Robotics, Internet of Things, and Protocol Engineering courses. For further informaton about Bayu, can be seen in his personal blog at erfianto.staff.telkomuniversity.ac.id or contact to email: erfianto@telkomuniversity.ac.id.

Expertise Experience

  • Hasso-Platner Institut Germany, Researcher (2011)


  • TVisiting Researcher Grant, Hasso-Platner Institut, Germany (2011)
  • Petronas Graduate Assistantship Grant, Petronas Malaysia (2007)
  • STUNED Scholarship Award, Netherlands Education Service Office (2002)