Dr. Deni Saepudin

Dr. Deni Saepudin

BORN in Bandung, Deni Saepudin is a lecturer computational sciences with research interest in the field of mathematical modeling, optimization, and Mathematical Finance / Computational Finance. His higher education are all derived from the mathematics study at the ITB program with graduation year respectively in 1998, 2003 and 2009. Therefore, the courses whom he teaches related to mathematics. Prior to his appointment as the Head of Bachelor of Computing Science Program of Tel-U since 2014, Deni had assigned as the Head of the Modeling and Simulation Interest Group of IT Telkom (2010-2014). He has been involved in various research, written scientific papers, become a reviewer of scientific papers, and as a speaker and moderator at conferences or scientific seminars, for example, he was a speaker at the National Conference of Mathematics KNM 17 in ITS (2014).


Implementasi Algoritma Clustering dengan Pendekatan Komputasi Kinerja Tinggi pada Data Dimensi Tinggi (Implementation of Clustering Algorithm with High Performance Computing Approach to High Dimensional Data) (2017)
Implementasi Algoritma Soft Computing Pada Mobile Device untuk Peramalan Kalender Masa Tanam (Studi Kasus: Kabupaten Bandung) (Implementation of Soft Computing Algorithm on Mobile Device for Forecasting Cultivation Calendar (Case Study: Bandung District)) (2017)
Catching Lobster Sustainable Model in the Gulf of Pelabuhan Ratu Sukabumi (2015) Algorithm Implementation of Soft Computing on Mobile Device for Forecasting Planting Calendar Period (Case Study: Bandung Regency) (2016)
Prediction System Development Based Cropping Period Calendar Android based results for Weather Prediction (Case Study: Soreang, Bandung District) (2015)
Alternative Formulation Problems Opt. for Model Support Vector Machine Classifier (2012)
Automatic Detection of Lung Disease based Voice Signal Lungs (2011)
The calculation of Dielectric Constant Heterogeneous Systems Approach Two Phase DG Finite Difference Time Domain (2010)


  • Android based planting calendar for commodities of rice, corn, potatoes – 087720 – Copy Right (2017)