Bidang Riset

    Bidang Minat  Media Informatics

    TCP Modification For Wireless Multipath Host to Achieve Fairness in a Shared Bottleneck Link
    Realistic Facial Animation on Speech Synchronization for Indonesian Language
    Squash File System Compression Using Lempel Ziv Markov Chain Algorithm (LZMA)
    Securing Elliptic Curve Based El-Gamal Against Pollard Rho Attack using Elliptic Curve Based Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange in Mobile Environment
    Optical Character Recognition of Arabic with Harakat
    Verifying Unified Modeling Language-based Interaction using Coloured Petri Nets
    Improving Bio-Cryptography Authentication Protocol
    Reducing The Collisions of Keccak Hash Function
    Constraint Analysis of Broadcast Attack on Lattice-Based Cryptosystem
    Feature Reduction Framework for Identification Process in Palm Vein Recognition
    Indonesian Text to Speech Converter Using Fuzzy Inference System and Hidden Markov Models
    High Quality of Service Video Conferencing over Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem
    Improving DDoS Detection using Six-Sigma on SDN
    H.264/AVC Error Concealment in Mobile Network
    Enhancement of TCP Congestion Control Mechanism Over Wirelwaa Sensor Network
    Using Network Coding Multipath Routing to Improve Power Efficiency and Reability of Wireless Sensor Network
    Improvent Detection and Mitigation of DDoD Attack in Software Defined Network using Statistical Approach
    List Steganography Based on Syllable Patterns
    Detection and Counting of Traffic Violation on the Bus Lane by Surveillance Camera
    Automatic Chart Interpreter System for Generating Health Surveillance Summaries Based on Indonesian Language
    Strengthening Crypto-1 Cipher on RFID Tag Against Algebraic Attack
    Arrhythmia Detection Using Wavelet Transform AndIterative Dhycomotizer Version 3 (ID3) Classifier
    Handwritten Character Recognition using Recursive Sub-sample Zoning
    Expert System for Dyslexia Detection
    Detecting Parameters on Image Blending
    Performance Comparison Protocol Between CoAP, MQTT-SN, and AMQP Based on OpenMTC
    Improving the Performance of Decoding Process in Non Identical Mathematical Support Visual Cryptography for Mobile Phone
    Performance Analyzing Packet Schedulling with QOS for IEEE 802.16E Networks
    Secure GPRS Protocol and ISO 8583 for Mobile Banking
    Multiple Watermarking on Digital Medical Images
    Segmentation and Labeling of Indonesian Speech Signal Automatically Using Rule-Based Methods and Features in Time Domain
    Improving Data Text Compression by Introducing Reversed Sequence of Characters on   Lempel Ziv Welch (LZW)   Algorithm
    Visual-Based Fire Detection Using LBP-TOP
    Object Recognition and Tracking in Video Stream Using Single Camera and 3D Models for Augmented Reality
    SecureCall Log / CDR Files in VoIP for Billing
    Expressive Viseme Grouping on Facial Animation Model for Indonesian Language
    Splice Zerocopy System Optimization Using Dual Pipe Scemes
    Development of Word-Based Text Compression Algorithm for Indonesian Language Document
    Neuro Fuzzy for Packet Classification in Queuing System
    edHEED (Enhanced Simplified Hybrid, Energy – Efficient, Distributed Clustering) for Heterogenous Wireless Sensor Network
    Adaptive Background Modeling using Mixture of Gaussian
    Automatic Chart Interpretation with an Application in Health Surveillance
    Modified Graphstega Based On Chart Scaling
    Noiseless Image Steganography
    Improving the security Pairing Process on Bluetooth 2.1+ againts MITM
    Browser Synchronization Based Remote Assistance System using WebRTC
    Feature Development for Fuzzy Based Region Level Annotation on Natural Scene Images
    Spatial Error Detection for Video using Video Fingerprinting
    Secure and Energy-Efficient Hierarchical Routing Protocol for Cluster-Based WSN through Hybrid Key Management Authenticating
    How to Save Smartcard :oss Problem on Dynamic ID Based Authentification
    Human Pose Estimation for Surveillance System Thru Analyzing the Image of the Recognition of Specific Behaviour Pattern
    Enhanced QRCode Error Correction Capability
    Dual stack IPv4 to IPv6 Migration strategy in Large Scale Enterprise Network


    Bidang Minat  Data Mining

    The Prediction of Dengue Haemorragic Fever (DHF) in Cimahi Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Fuzzy Logic
    IntrusionDetection System (IDS) Using Rough Set Theory (RST) and Genetic Algorithm (GA)
    Fuzzy Hidden Markov Models For Indonesian Speech Classification
    Job Matching on I-CDC Data using Latent Semantic Analysis
    University Timetabling’s Optimization Using Case Base Reasoning Method and Graph Colouring
    Cancer Detection Based on Classification Microarray Gane Expression Data using Principal Component Analysis and Conjugate Gradient Back Propagation
    Confidence Value Analysis of FP-Growth Algorithm on Oracle RDBMS using Set Theory and Unsupervised Learning
    Long Term Predictions of Economic Crisis in Indonesia using System Dynamiic Model Optimized by Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
    Mining Techniques of Food Multidimensional Data to Produce Association Rules as a Basis of Business Strategy
    Word Similarity in Smith-Waterman algorithm as Plagiarism Detection System
    Handling Data Imbalance in Customer Churn Prediction with Combined-Sampling and Weighted Random Forest
    Domain Driven Data Mining to Improve Dunning Campaign ROI and Select Communication Channels
    Adpative User Navigation with Topic Extraction Approach
    Prediksi Jumlah Pengangguran di Indonesia
    Particle Swarm Optimization on Follicles Segmentation to Support PCOS Detection
    Customer Segmentation Based on Web Browsing Behavior and Demographic
    Fixed Line Customer Segmentation using PCA Based on Customer Lifetime Value
    Performance Enhancement of Backpropagation Algorithm using Momentum and Learningrate on Fingerprint Recognition
    Web Data Mining for Customer’s Sentiment Classification for Telkom Speedy using Twitter in Indonesian
    Data Mining for Customer Retention
    Decision Making to Allocate Customer’s New/Modified Bandwidth on Telkom Satellite Transponders
    Churn Prevention on Speedy Customer
    Predicting Churn Using Hybrid Sampling and Boosting Algorithm (Case Study : Customers Speedy Papua)
    Indonesian Interconnect Telco’s Traffic Forecasting for Anomaly Detection using Hybrid (EEEMD & BPNN) Method
    Pedesis SVM for Depression Screening by Twitting Activities with Bahasa Indonesian
    Forecasting Malaria Epidemic Based on Data Records Incidence and Weather Patterns
    Students Achievement Prediction Using Artificial Neural Network
    Optical Character Recognition Using Modified Direction Feature and Multi Layer Perceptions Network
    Prediction System of Economic Crisis in Indonesia Using Time Series Analysis and System Dynamic Optimized by Genetic Algorithm
    Indonesian Speech Recognition System Using Discriminant Feature Extraction – Neural Predictive Coding (DFE-NPC) and Probabilistic Neural Network
    Malaria Incidence Forcasting from Incidence Record and Weather Pattern using GMDH Polynomial Neural Networks
    Sales Forecasting using Short Time Series
    Disease Occurance Prediction Using Support Vector Machine (SVM), Based on Disease Occurance History Data and Wheather Data
    Prediction of Malaria Incident Using Evolving Neural Network
    Document Clustering With Semantic Approach Using Hybrid Method
    Prediction and Anomaly Detection of Rainfall For Planting time Based on Evolving Neural Network Coupled With K-Nearst Neighbor in Bandung District
    Recommender System based Association Rule
    Compound Critiques for Conversational Recommender System Based on User Functional Requirements
    Recommender System based Opinion Mining From Consumer Reviews
    Data Mining Approach for International Call Fraud Detection in Telecommunication
    Analysis Performance of Churn Prediction using Hybrid Neural Network Techniques Approach
    Opinion Classification For Customer Brand Sentiments in Social Media
    Implementation of Shallow Semantic Parsing Method with Support Vector Machine Classifier on The English Translation ff The Holy Quran
    Performance Analysis of Churn Prediction Model in Handling Class Imbalance Using Bagging-Based Approach
    Twitter Opinion Mining to Predict Speedy’s Customer Churn
    Recurrent Neural Network Based Language Model for Keyword Search
    Data and Internet Services Fraud Detection Through Hidden Markov Model
    Hybrid Name Matching on Arabic Person Name using Machine Learning
    Automatic Separation of The Word or Phrase of Qur’anic Verses Translation using Tokenization with Phrase-Based Approach
    A Study of Preprocessing and Representation Text for Sentimen Classification in Indonesian Text
    Analisis of Semantic Linkage between Verses in Alquran use Semantic Text Relatedness
    Computing Semantic Relatedness Score using Optimized Algorithm based on Graph Concept using WordNet and Wikipedia
    Investigation of GPS-TEC Measurements of Ionospheric Anomalies Indications Related to Sumatra’s Earthquake Case
    Adaptive Spatial Data Clustering for Public Service
    Information Classification on Social Media Data to Aid Small Medium-Sized Enterprises


    Bidang Minat Socio Informatics

    Pedoman Penggunaan Sosial Media Sebagai Sarana Managemen Krisis
    Human Computation, Natural Languange Processing and Machine Learning Approach to Remove Spam Tweets From Retrieved Twitter Data in Indonesian Languange
    Combining Content-Based filtering and Trust-Based Recommender System
    A Study of End-User Driven Product Development by using QFD Approach
    Usability Testing for a Customer TouchPoint Portal Case Study on Indonesian Telecom Company
    User Experience Analysis at E-Learning Material for Experiental dan Goal-Directed Users, Case Study on for Employee PT Telkom
    Enhancing User Experience of Knowledge Management System
    Intelligent Group Formation for Support Collaborative Knowledge Building
    Forming The Heterogeneous Groups For Collaborative Learning
    Emotional Distress Detection using SVM Combined with Case based Reasoning Model
    Modeling Adaptive and Intelligent Collaborative Learning For Performance Factor Analysis in Group
    Modelling Gamification in the Increace Motivation and Performance of Employess by Utilizing Performance Apprasial
    Collaborative Tagging in Personalized e-Learning Recommender System


    Bidang Minat Software Engineering (Kurikulum 2012)

    Petri Net Modelling of Concurrency Control in Distributed Database System
    The Development of e-Learning Maturity Model (eMM) for Higher Education Institution in Indonesia
    Development of Dashboard as a Tool For Organizational Performance Monitoring
    Implementation of Knowledge Management System in PT Intimas Wisesa
    Evaluation of Financial Accounting System Maintenance Based on Cobit 4.1 and Dynamic System (Case Study : Balai Bahasa Provinsi Jawa Barat)
    Determination System of Students Learning Strategies
    SNIIFY : Social Network Influential People Identification on Ontology
    Asynchronous Island Model Genetic Algorithm for University Course Timetabling
    Shader Tweaking Tool for Artist-Programmer Collaboration in Game Development
    Technology-Enabled Learning Creation Towards Creative Learning Community