9 Days for Summer School at NUS

Selamat kepada Jaka Arya Pradana.

Salah satu mahasiswa Program Studi S2 Teknik Informatika Telkom University ambil bagian dalam program Summer School di NUS. Dalam program itu pula kelompok Jaka berhasil keluar sebagai Juara The Most Creative Project. Semoga Pengalamannya bisa menginspirasi Mahasiswa lainnya. Berikut Sharing pengalaman Jaka Arya Pradana :

9 Days for Summer School at NUS
By: Jaka Arya Pradana (@aajap)
Graduate Student at School of Computing,
Telkom University.


October 20th 2014, the first time i saw the announcement of this programme is by my friend’s status on facebook. And i am interested. There are two things that made me interested, the first one is the name, “Web Science & Data Analytics”, and the second is because it held in NUS School of Computing. I love Web Science & Big Data Analytics since i was doing my thesis, and until now i am still working on that field. I do believe this field can change the world and also really interesting and challenging. And the second one is because the NUS School of Computing. That faculty is 9th best in the world. And after that i also see the lists of the speakers and they are amazing. Especially i really notice Prof. Tat Seng Chua, Prof. Wendy Hall, and Prof. David De Roure. I don’t need a long time to move my hand and apply. Actually the application was not opened yet that time, so i am not really applying but just subscribing.

I was not really patient to know more about this event, and i contact Web Science Trust immediately to ask many things. And Ian Brown is really patient and humble replying my emails. I followed the process then i am selected. I am really happy when i knew that i am selected. Moreover when British Council offer the scholarship and moreover again when they announced that i am selected for the scholarship also. Bu Teresa Birks, Bu Esterdina, Pak Indra and also Mr. Tan Tek Min is really helpful to guiding and providing us every information that we need.

Until the time come. We flight to Singapore on December 7th 2014. I and all Indonesian students meet at the airport and we introduce our self each other. It was me, Pak Darmawan, Bu Wati and Bu Puji. And we also meet Bu Bety there. We flight together and arrived in Changi Airport, Singapore. Not forget to take a picture together. And after that we go to NUS by MRT. When we arrived at NUS, Mr. Tan Tek Min is welcoming us with his hospitality. He guide us about location at NUS and Singapore. He also accompany us to the Kent Ridge Station to buty some food. And after the night we come to NUS again for sleep. We live at Raflesh Hall there. I guess that is the best dorm in NUS at least they have the biggest single room. And the first day come. Monday, December 8th 2014. We go from Raflesh Hall to the NUS School of Computing by NUS free bus. After registration, before we come to the venue, we go to the canteen first for breakfast. We can find so many halal and cheap food there. I like nasi lemak from Malaysia.

<img class="wp-image-1163 alignleft" src=" cialis 20mg fta 4st.jpg?resize=347%2C262″ alt=”jaka2″ srcset=” 585w, 300w” sizes=”(max-width: 347px) 100vw, 347px” data-recalc-dims=”1″ /> The taste is similar with Indonesian food. After that we go to the seminar room 1 and the summer school will be start soon. The first day is a very full day. There are opening speeches, keynote lectures, and also networking session. I also curious with some lectures that have new things for me like “Social Machines”. Actually there should be the first time to know and to meet group project also, but there was not. In the first day we use our time mostly exchange the name card and make a network. We also welcomed by British Council Indonesia especially Teresa Birks.

At the second day, there is a half day for lectures and tutorials and half day for group project. There is something funny that happened in that day. All of the groups already announced where to gather. I am the only Indonesian who is in the group 2: Movies Data and we should gather in seminar room 6. But i don’t know why there is all of the Indonesian student come to my room and the group become a very big group. But i think it is fine.

In the group, we discuss about what we will do. It is a quit dynamics group that all of us are active in discussion. But we stuck on the data. I am a data mining person, so i know that if the data is provided so we should know the data first. We cannot set any goal or way if the data was not clear. Then i go to the commitee to ask the data and i also talk to Prof. Susan Halford, Dr. Thannasis Tiropanis, Prof. Dhiraj Murthy, and also Ramine Tinati to ask the data. But we still did not get the data yet.


After the group projects, there is some sessions more for lectures and also there is an evaluation for the group projects. In that evaluation there are so many groups that complain about the team, especially because the Indonesian student in their group was lost. Of course because all of the Indonesia students are gather in my group.

After the school over for the second day, i still do coordination with Ramine and Prof. Dhiraj about the data until about 1 am in the next day. We do communication via twitter. At the third day, there are also like the second day, half day for lectures and tutorials and half day for group projects. Because we had a very big group, our team member from Malaysia and Singapore ask to move to other group to make communication more effective. And of course we approve it. But then all of the Indonesian students also back to their origin group. So, there are only me, Manuel (from spain, student at Southampton), and Liu. But Liu only join for a while. So in the end of that day, the group is only me and Manuel. And we also get the data on that day.

Because we only two of us, then i ask Yunanto Sagara (Indonesian Student who study in Monash University, Australia) to join our group in the fourth day, Thursday, December 11th 2014. In that day, we already have the data and also de statistics of the data. We also already decided what the project will be. And we present it in the preliminary presentation. Some of the points are clustering, network analysis and basic statistics.


In the 5th day, Liu back again and make us stronger. And the progress of the project is really dynamics. We know that our data is really not good. We can see from the number of the common people user in the conversation, and also the words they used is quite similar. But we just do the best we can do. We work till the 8th day, Monday, December 15th 2014, the day for the final presentation. Actually the other groups are awesome. And finally the time for announced the winner. And we never expect that we will get The Most Creative Group Project. Prof. Tat Seng Chua said that we got that award because the data is really not good but we still can show many things from that data. But sadly, there is no Sagara and Manuel when the award is announced. Then fly to Indonesia at the next day with all the Indonesian Student and also Bu Bety.

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